Slurry Force™ is a leader in slurry pumping solutions supporting a wide range of industries  both in Australia and internationally.

Our pumps handle everything from dirty water to the heaviest slurries. Whether you’re building a man-made island; filling coffer dams for a new marina; moving the most seriously sedimented slurry from a tailings pond; eliminating clogging at your paper recycling plant; dewatering your mine; or cleaning a variety of tough municipal and industrial sumps, you can rely on Slurry Force™ to get the job done.


Family owned and operated since 1992

Slurry Force™ is part of Tru-Flo Pumping Systems™ which is headquartered in Bathurst, NSW with multiple servicing agents across Australia.

You will find Tru-Flo Pumps hard at work in a variety of industries, including: Mining, Power, Dredging/Construction, Chemical, Coal, Food and Beverage, Municipal, Sand and Gravel, Environmental and Agricultural industries.


Tailored to your specific application

Slurry Force™ custom builds a wide selection of quality engineered, highly reliable and truly innovative slurry pumps.
Whether your application calls for a slurry pump to be submersible, vertical cantilever, line shaft, horizontal or high pressure we have the right pump for your job.

We also know one glove can never fit all, so we won’t try to sell you a pump that is not the best suited for your application.
If you need several pumps operating in a variety of applications, our experts will help engineer a solution that makes real business sense. No matter what pump you select, you can be assured you’re getting the quality engineering, manufacturing, reliability and service that a Slurry Force pump is renowned for because of the expertise provided by the slurry pump manufacturer, Tru-Flo Pumps.

Tru-Flo Pumping Systems™ is 100% Australian owned.
We have an extensive network of distributors throughout the world as well as experienced Regional Managers in your area.

We look forward to putting our expertise to work for you.
It would be our pleasure to quote your job, please contact us so we can get started.

For an overview of all Tru-Flo Pumping products please visit www.truflopumps.com.au.

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